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Ambers Care Period Box


Periods suck! But they can suck a little less with Amber's Care. Amber's Care is a quarterly subscription box for women with period pain, PMS, and PMDD. In our box you'll find products for pain relief, comfort, and educational resources to help you better manage your period:

  • full sized products

  • health-conscious snacks

  • variety of period essentials (pads, tampons, etc.)



Only available in the U.S. Must be 18 years old or older to order. 

Amber's Care Sample Box


Get an idea of what you can expect from our boxes by purchasing a sample box! This is a lower cost option that comes with fewer items:

  • 1 period essential (pads, tampons, etc.)

  • 1 snack

  • Menstrual Education Card 

  • 1 stationery item

Available for one-time purchase only.

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