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How To Navigate Relationships With Period Pain

Sharing my personal tips.

As Valentine's Day approaches, I am reminded of how much period pain and other conditions such as PMS, endometriosis, etc. can affect relationships. I’ve often thought about what it would look like or how I’d be able to navigate married life with my period pain. This may seem irrational to some, but when you’ve experienced severe period pain you know how difficult it can be to have people around you. One of the reasons I even decided to go on birth control, was because I didn’t know how my period pain would affect having a roommate. These are the types of situations you may have to think about when dealing with severe period pain.

Whatever condition you have that affects your menstrual cycle, I want to offer some tips on how to grow in your relationships with others in the midst of your pain. These aren’t just tips for couples, but friends and family as well.

Tip #1 - Have an honest conversation with those you spend the most time with. Let them know that you’re not feeling well, or that you may not be feeling well for a while. Tell them what you need during this time. Do you need some time to yourself? Do you need emotional support? Try to make it clear to that person so they can help you and better understand where you’re coming from.

Tip #2 - Create a self-care routine that can help you physically and mentally prepare for what you’re about to experience. If you notice that you’re starting to have certain symptoms, begin preparing for your period pain. Even if you don't notice any symptoms, you can still map out a self-care routine a week before your period. If you're not tracking your period, I highly recommend it. This helps you identify what your symptoms are, and when you first start to have them. Knowing your symptoms can help you better manage them. If you're looking for motivation, check out one of my 5 Day Challenges. These challenges offer small activities that you can do each day leading up to your period.

Tip #3 - For those that want to help a friend, family member, or partner during that time of the month, ask them what they need and make an effort to do what you can to help. Maybe they need help with chores, or certain items to manage their pain. I created a period care box for that, which you can find in my shop! Amber’s Care Period Box is a subscription box that helps women find products to help with their period pain, PMS, and/or PMDD.

Tip #4 - Choose to live selflessly, even in the midst of what you’re facing. If you know you are ready to snap, or that it's a sensitive time for you, find healthy outlets for managing the stress, sadness, etc. Maybe for you that’s working out, using a punching bag, journaling, or something else. If you're looking for ideas you can check out this article by Mayo Clinic.

I know that none of this is easy. I am nowhere near perfect when it comes to implementing these tips. However, I have found in my own life that planning ahead, and working on communication is a great way to have good relationships with those around me, even when I feel like I’m dying inside.

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Disclaimer: Amber’s Care should not replace medical advice. If you have questions about the following statements, please consult a doctor or a medical professional.

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