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5 Day Summer Challenge!

5 Day Summer Challenge!

It’s summer time, and if you like challenges and activities, you should add this to your bucket list. In my previous 5 day challenge I said that this is “meant to help women with dysmenorrhea feel motivated, productive, encouraged, and prepared for their period, by doing a small activity every day.” However, feel free to use this in a way that works for you! You can use it to prepare yourself mentally and physically for your period, or you can just enjoy the challenge.

Feel free to start any time you’d like:

Day 1 - Start Reading A Book

Day 2 - Take A Bubble Bath or Epsom Salt Bath

Day 3 - Gratitude

Day 4 - Clean

Day 5 - Write A Letter To Someone

Day 1 - Start Reading A Book - If you don’t want to read from a physical copy, you can always listen to an audio book. Having a fun goal to complete can give you a much needed break from your daily tasks, and it can help you focus on something other than your pain. Reading can actually reduce stress, according to a study at the University of Sussex.

Taking Change of your Health & Well Being, a website that offers information about enhancing wellbeing, exploring complementary and integrative healing practices, and navigating the healthcare system, provides a couple of tips for using reading to reduce stress:

Tip #1 - Spend 30 minutes a day reading in a quiet place where no one will interfere with your time.

Tip #2 - Pick a book or magazine that you are interested in. What topics are you curious about? Pick something that you’ll want to read.

Tip #3 - Don’t pick a book or magazine that will make you feel upset, angry, or helpless.

Tip #4 - Pay attention to how you feel after you’re done reading. Do you feel more at peace? Do you still feel overwhelmed?

Again, remember to take whatever you want from this challenge. You don’t have to follow all of the tips, just do what works for you.

Day 2 - Take A Bubble Bath Or An Epsom Salt Bath - I used to not care for bubble baths, but they are a good way to relax and alleviate muscle pain. According to Healthline, soaking in a tub can help relax your abdominal, pelvic, and back muscles. An Epsom salt bath might also be something you want to try. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, and magnesium is a possible option for preventing and treating dysmenorrhea, though more research is needed to determine the best dosage.

Day 3 - Gratitude - Gratitude is extremely important. It can help us see the positive aspects of our life, and it actually plays a role in our overall health. Studies indicate that practicing gratitude can lower blood pressure, improve your body's ability to fight disease or infection, and improve sleep. One study showed that “people who were more grateful actually had better heart health, specifically less inflammation and healthier heart rhythms.” For day three, write down three things that you are grateful for, and tell one person that you are grateful for them.

Day 4- Clean - Whatever space you occupy most, clean it. In my experience, messy rooms lead to scattered thinking. I especially like for my bedroom to be clean because it’s my miniature sanctuary, and it’s great to have a clean room before your period comes. If you deal with fatigue often, and cleaning an entire space is overwhelming, try making up your bed. Charles Duhigg, a reporter and author says, “making your bed every morning is directly correlated with higher levels of productivity and overall happiness.”

Day 5 - Write A Letter To Someone- We all need encouragement. Life gets hard, especially when you have health problems. Knowing how hard life can get for you, think about someone in your life who needs encouragement and write a letter to them. If you can’t send them a letter, send a thoughtful email. But, just as a challenge, avoid sending a text.

I hope you enjoy this challenge and that you find it relaxing! If you participate in any of these activities, I would love it if you would share it on your social media and tag @amberscare or @AmbersCare_ . Hoping for the best in your health journey!

Disclaimer: Amber’s Care should not replace medical advice. If you have questions about the following statements, please consult a doctor.

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