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5 Day December Challenge!

Updated: Mar 6

Anyone who deals with painful periods knows how difficult it can be to complete tasks, stay encouraged, and feel hopeful.

This 5 Day December challenge is meant to help women with dysmenorrhea feel motivated, productive, encouraged, and prepared for their period, by doing a small activity every day.

You would ideally start this challenge a week before your first day of bleeding, but feel free to do what works for you.

Here is the challenge:

Day 1 - Go for a walk

Day 2 - Get plenty of sleep

Day 3 - Eat good food

Day 4 - Journal

Day 5 - Watch a funny movie

Day 1 - Go For A Walk

Exercise is not proven to help with dysmenorrhea, but we do know that exercise has great benefits and it can help boost your mood. This doesn’t need to be a power walk. It can be for 5 minutes or 15 minutes, you’re just taking a step in the right direction to increase your productivity and care for your body. If you can walk outside I recommend it, but you can always use a treadmill. If you have a lot of tasks that have to be done, try doing an extra lap around the store when you’re buying groceries. Get creative with it and work with your limitations.

Day 2 - Get Plenty Of Sleep

A recurring symptom that I experience is fatigue. I find myself really tired and unable to move as quickly as I normally would, and yet I refuse to sleep! I want to get as much work done as possible, but oftentimes I just need to rest. So, for day 2, get as much sleep as you can. Even if you don’t like the idea of taking naps, take one! Your body is going through something. It’s dealing with so many symptoms all year round. One thing you can do for it, is give it some rest.

Day 3 - Eat good food

The whole point of this challenge is to eat and enjoy food that you actually want to eat. Instead of focusing on foods that you believe are supposed to help with your menstrual cycle, pay attention to what your body actually wants. I recommend this because I’ve had times where I’ve tried to eat healthy and I end up feeling nauseous. If you have a craving for sweets or something salty, eat it, but do so in moderation. Try to be in tune with your body to know when to stop, and try to avoid eating as a response to a difficult emotion.

Disclaimer: My period symptoms align more with primary dysmenorrhea. If you have secondary dysmenorrhea, and have found that a stricter food selection is needed for you, please continue with that process and be sure to consult a doctor and do your research if you have questions.

Day 4 - Journal

Journaling is a great way to express and process your emotions, and it can have a positive impact on your overall health. I’ve been journaling for almost seven years now, and I find it very beneficial. You can use journaling to talk about your period, your life, your relationships, or anything that comes to mind. If you don’t want to write anything, consider drawing or painting in a journal! There's no set amount of time that you have to spend journaling, just be intentional.

Day 5 - Watch a funny movie

Sometimes we just need to laugh and enjoy our life - regardless of how hard that can be. Watching a funny movie is just a way to relax, and not think so much about when your period will come and what it will be like.

I hope you enjoy this challenge and that you find it relaxing! If you participate in any of these activities, I would love it if you would share it on your social media and tag @amberscare with the hashtag #periodssuck. Hoping for the best in your health journey!

Disclaimer: Amber’s Care should not replace medical advice. If you have questions about the following statements, please consult a doctor.

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