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About Amber's Care

Amber's Care is the business that I needed as a young woman, and even the business that I need today in my adult years. Growing up I didn't know why I had period pain, or even that my pain had a name.  When I went to the doctor's I was given medication, but no real information about what was going on with my body. My period pain has impacted so much of my life, and I truly believe that products, resources, and education are necessary for improving our experience with our menstrual cycles. I started Amber's Care because Jesus put this dream on my heart. He knew that women needed this.

Our mission is to help women find products and resources that help reduce period pain, provide comfort and encouragement, and educate them on their menstrual cycle. We do this through our subscription box, our community forum page, our blog, and our social media pages. 

Picture of the owner laughing with her hand on her chin.

Erin Butts, Owner of Amber's Care

Amber's Care Period Box, Launched January 17th, 2023

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