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About Amber's Care

Amber's Care Period Box, Launched January 2023.

Get to Know Us

Amber's Care was launched on January 17, 2023. We are a small, home-based, internet business that sells period boxes for women with period pain, PMS, and PMDD.


Our mission is to help women find the best products for their menstrual cycle to reduce pain, provide comfort, and encourage them in their overall health journey.


Our vision is to offer a subscription box that allows women to try a variety of products on a consistent basis. We also desire for our period boxes to be sold on a global scale.


  • We value community. We hope to use our platform to build a safe community for women.

  • We value selling quality products.

  • We value women and their unique struggles.

  • We value self-care and taking care of your mental health. We keep these factors in mind when purchasing products.

A Note From The Owner

How Amber's Care Started 

The idea of creating a period care box specifically for women with period pain started two years ago. As someone who deals with period pain every month, I had a thought that I should start creating period boxes for myself. That thought then morphed into a business idea!

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